Matrise (eng. matrix), is a blog focusing mainly on the topics of VR and Consciousness, and the related Science & Philosophy. We are also producing videos at YouTube at our channel AltVR.

Matrise is run by Joakim Vindenes. Joakim is a PhD Candidate in Information Science at the University of Bergen. His research interests are the effects of VR on human beings, primarily in education and health.

Beyond the blog, Matrise is also extending its scope as a community of thinkers constituting a VR thinktank for ideation, comprising artists, developers, philosophers and researchers. We believe gaining wider perspectives from philosophical and social science perspectives can benefit ideation and creativity in relation to VR tech. If you are interested in hearing more, please reach out.

Check out our visual approach on YouTube — and stay updated on social media through the links below. You can also support us through Patreon to get a richer Matrise experience.