Mojave: Dark Mode in new MacOS

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At yesterday’s Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), Apple introduced several new features for their operating systems. We could have discussed their new Augmented Reality (AR) format, which they have agreed upon along with Pixar and Adobe, or that their ARKit now allow for sharing AR between devices, basically enabling “multiplayer”. We are, however, instead going to cover a less significant, but warmly welcome feature: Dark Mode in MacOS “Mojave”. This is great news for those who have had to resort to dirty hacks to make their Mac’s display darker colours. Never again.

iMac Pro with the Space Gray accessories.

Apple has always been very silvery and white in colours. My interest and addiction to their operating systems personally, has been in spite of this. In 2016, however, we saw a change in this with Apple’s release of their new Macbooks available in “Space Gray”. This year, the iMac Pro was also released in this darker colour — which included the Magic- keyboard, trackpad, and mouse as well. Initially, Apple stated that these accessories would only be available to those purchasing an iMac Pro (which cost a terrifying 5K USD) — however, these were made available for mere mortals in February this year.

On the software side — Apple has previously offered darker displays through their Accessibility options. This, however, has only been through inverting the colours. The inverting also had negative side effects on pictures, icons and other colours than white, which made Apple release a “Smart Invert” feature for iOS, that neglected pictures, etc. They have not yet introduced such a feature for Mac OS, which makes this dark mode very welcome indeed. Also — the “smart invert” feature were never a true dark mode, as dark modes features shades of gray as well – not just black.

Dark Mode
The feature we will discuss in this entry, is another one of Apple’s steps into the darker features: the Dark Mode in the new MacOS “Mojave”. The OS is being released this fall in sept. or oct., but registered Apple Developers have access to the beta, which features dark mode as default. The screenshots we feature here at Matrise, have been obtained from our access to the beta.



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